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Football Bubble

Is there a difference in quality of the Football Bubble?

Yes! As with anything else, there is a marked difference in high quality and low quality bumpers balls for bubble football that is associated to two aspects of construction: the plastic resin used and the manufacturing process. Many people assume that €plastic is plastic€ so any type will do, however it’s not the case. Oftentimes you may have seen videos of bubble soccer where the balls appear somewhat cloudy. The reason why is because lesser quality balls use a blend of plastics in their resin which can affect how light, temperature, and overall use will cause the ball to wear over time. Not only that, even more important is the type sealing used on the ball’s seams. If the seams are just heat sealed as opposed to ultrasonically welded, you’re going to have a huge difference in the durability of those seams. That’s why all our equipment is inspected for approval twice before we send anything out.


Bubble football started in European countries are particularly popular, and now has gradually entered China, Taiwan, Beijing, and other cities, people in the play. Maybe you do not know what bubble is a football, do not know bubble football how to play, it doesn’t matter! You can contact us, we will tell you in detail, when you know the bubble football, you will be crazy in love with bubble football!