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Bubblefootball Official Website

The World Cup has kicked off, Hong Kong is also heated soccer mania. Bubble soccerpopular for many years in foreign countries (Bubble Soccer), also recently entered thelocal “Bubblefootball “. Players wear inflatable giant plastic bubbles, rammed the opponent likea bumper car, the ball shot. However, the ball does not play, player rolls down likehyacinth, hilarious. Yao Zhibin is committed to promoting the activities of youthentrepreneurs, hoping to increase the positive energy community, let the daily life ofHong Kong people to relax, and recreational sports.

Bubble soccer both laughter and excitement, rise in foreign countries a few years ago.Yao Zhibin earlier this year by a working holiday scheme to Australia, initial contacthas been lost, and commitment to Hong Kong, want to send positive energy to the people."What do the Hong Kong people very carefully, a pair of fights. I hope the bubblefootball can make them relax, exercise can also laugh more. 」


On the field, players often hit to rotate 360 degrees, Petite woman not to mention. Hit ayoung woman to roll about on the ground, but still fun. “I may have been too light, andcrashed over a feeling of something like the God. Wearing inflatable bubble, see theball, but always wanted to hit with someone else, fun. 」

Foam football there is no generally accepted rules of the game, time and the number ofthe contestants to decide. Yao Zhibin recommended by venue size determines the number ofindoor play mini-soccer pitch, both sides can send three people, approximately 8-10minutes per game. The rules of the game and football is basically the same, and thewinner, with an emphasis on “butt".

Gas bubbles are like athletes wearing body cushions, built-in shoulder straps andhandrails, the race to hold on to handrails when, in order to balance the body. Onceknocked down, turn the bubble, face down, knees available balance, stand up again. Yao Zhibin reminded participants, offensive to stop, to listen to the referee indicates, notcarried away.